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Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction

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DESCRIPTION: The Borough of Keyport is located in the northern portion of Monmouth County, New Jersey. The Borough has a total area extent of about 1.4 square miles and is situated along the Raritan Bay shoreline. Keyport is bounded by the Township of Raritan to the south, Raritan Bay to the north, Chingarora Creek to the east and Matawan Creek to the west. Keyport’s topography is characterized by low and flat terrain. Elevations range from 0 feet NGVD at the shore to nearly +50 feet NGVD at the southwestern portion of the Borough. This is a fully developed residential and commercial community. The primary problem in the study area is coastal flooding associated with elevated water levels. The community currently has no protective beach seaward of its bulkheads, and most of the bulkheads near the west side of the study area are extremely low and allow frequent flooding. Bay area flooding primarily occurs in the low-lying waterfront commercial and marine commercial area in the central and western portions of the Borough, as well as residential areas in the east. Flooding also occurs in inland portions of the Borough, primarily residential, in the vicinity of the Luppatatong and Chingarora Creeks. Various roadways, including State Route 36 are flooded during severe storm events, restricting access to, from and within the Borough.

AUTHORIZATION: The current study is authorized by a resolution of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, U.S. House of Representatives, adopted August 1, 1990.

STATUS: Work completed to date on the feasibility study includes a topographic survey, economic, hydraulic, geotechnical, and environmental project area field surveys, development of existing and future conditions, and preliminary storm damage reduction alternatives. Revaluation study is being updated to reflect post Hurricane Sandy conditions in study area. A draft report for non-federal sponsor review is planned for summer 2016.


Mr. Bryce Wisemiller, Project Manager
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Current as of February 2016