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Rahway River Basin Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is partnering with the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection to carry out a Feasibility Study to identify various flood risk management alternatives for communities along the Rahway River Basin, with a specific emphasis on the cities of Rahway and Cranford.

The alternatives are currently undergoing economic analysis, comparing the amount of risk management provided to each alternative’s associated costs. In order for a flood risk management alternative to be considered by the Federal Government, it must provide a positive benefit-to-cost ratio. This economic analysis phase is important to not only determine the benefit-to-cost ratio of each alternative, but it is also critical for the justification and request for authorization from Congress to construct a project after the Feasibility Study is complete. The economic analysis is expected to be completed this fall.

Click here for descriptions of 7 flood risk management alternatives the Corps of Engineers is analyzing as part of this Feasibility Study.

For more information please read the Rahway River Basin fact sheet or email the Project Manager.