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FACT SHEET-Hudson River, New York

Hudson River O&C - Operations and Routine Maintenance of Troy Lock & Dam

Published Jan. 7, 2013

DESCRIPTION: A channel 600 ft. wide, New York City to Kingston, thence 400 ft. wide to 2,200 ft. south of the Mall (Dunn) Bridge at Albany and anchorages near Hudson and Stuyvesant, all with depths of 32 ft. in soft material and 34 ft. in rock; thence 27 ft. deep and 400 ft. wide, 900 ft. south of the Mall (Dunn) Bridge: thence 14 ft. deep and generally 400 ft. wide, to the Federal Lock at Troy; and thence 14 ft. deep, 200 ft. wide, to the southern limit of the State Barge Canal at Waterford: with widening at bends and widenings in front of the cities of Troy and Albany to form harbors 12 ft. deep. Length - N.Y.C. to Waterford about 155 miles. The removal of the State Dam at Troy. The construction of a lock and dam at Troy about 2.5 miles below Waterford.


AUTHORIZATION:  House Document 719, 81st Congress, 2nd Session (Jun 1910) and modified by House Document 350, 88th Cong., 1st Session (Mar 1925); House Document 210, 70th Cong., 1st Session (Jul 1930); SD 155, 72nd Cong., 2nd Session (Aug 1935); House Document 572, 75th Cong., 3rd Session (Jun 1930); and PL 780, 83rd Cong., 2nd Session (Sep 1954).   


STATUS:  The Troy Navigation Lock has been operated annually since 1916.  During FY 2012, the Troy Lock Level of Service was evaluated and found to be compliant with USACE national standardized Levels of Service established for the Inland Marine Transportation System.  During FY 2013, the 5-Year Periodic Inspection of the 100-year-old Troy Lock and Dam determined the need for repairs which are now scheduled to be performed during the period through FY2018. FY2018 funding required to perform ongoing routine operations & maintenance activities at the Troy Lock and to perform S&A activities associated with on-going contract replacement of four lock chamber miter gates during the winter of 2017-2018 while the lock is closed to navigation.


FY2019 funds are requested to perform minimum work associated with providing facility security to ensure public safety and protection of USACE’s infrastructure and assets; minimum maintenance of lock and dam infrastructure required to maintain the navigation pool including required administrative and technical support; minimum activities to perform required dam periodic assessment including identifying structural deficiencies, instrumentation assessment  and monitoring requirements; and operation of the Troy navigation lock at minimum level of service IAW USACE guidance and performing only essential maintenance required to keep facility operational.


FUNDING: Estimated annual federal cost is $2,705,000.


CONTACT:    William Petronis, Project Engineer, (518) 273-0870


                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, Albany Field Office

                       1 Bond Street

                       Troy, NY 12180  

                       Congressional Districts: NY #19, 20 and 21


As of February 2018