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Archived Heroes of the Week

Congratulations to All!

9/4/12-9/18/12- Ms. McCathern is a Permit Application / Legal Instrument Examiner in Operations Division's Regulatory Branch. Beyond performing her responsibilities as an important member of Regulatory Branch in support of the District's " ALL GREEN" permit application processing program; Courtney outstandingly served a four-month assignment in the District's Executive Office when it was short-handed. Upon her return to Regulatory Branch she has been mapping business processes and working on identifying business process improvements. Courtney continually exemplifies professionalism, dedication, adaptability, and loyalty, with a positive attitude. Her determination and willingness to complete the task at hand are a great credit to her and the New York District.



8/20/12-8/31/12- Ms. Caulfield is a Secretary in the Operations Division's Western Permits Section where she provides outstanding administrative support to her Regulatory Branch Teammates. In the midst of the high-stress permit business-environment, Anne quietly goes about her duties with a calm demeanor. The meticulousness with which she keeps her purchase card files and records was recently recognized during a Department of the Army Inspector General’s audit out brief as flawless and deserving of commendation. Anne is also recognized for her positive attitude and her continuous manifestation of professionalism, dedication, adaptability, and loyalty. Her determination and willingness to complete the tasks at hand with careful attention to every detail are a great credit to herself and the New York District.



7/30/12-8/10/12- Jenifer Thalhauser is a Project Manager in Civil Works Branch of the Programs and Project Management Division. She is honored as the Hero of the week for her outstanding work as the Co-Chair of the United States International Lake Champlain and Richelieu River Workgroup. This eight member United States and Canadian workgroup was established by the International Joint Commission and is working in concert with experts, private agencies, and the public to address the destructive lake level flooding that occurred in the spring of 2011. Jennifer's accomplishments in building and maintaining an excellent relationship with the State of Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation were recently commended by its Commissioner, David Mears, who greatly values the New York District's work that she led, and stated that they will continue to look to the Corps for assistance in addressing its water resource issues. Jenifer's contributions and dedication bring great credit upon herself and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.


7/09/12 - 7/20/12- Sandra Duerinck and Debbie Smith are both designated as Heroes this week for their outstanding accomplishment in bringing the Advanced Facilities Engineer Training Course (FE301) to the New York District. Sandra and Debbie spent countless hours coordinating with the Defense Acquisition University to ensure we would provide a training venue that met their challenging standards, and working with the students to ensure they were enrolled and prepared. Their efforts saved the government thousands of dollars by bringing a few instructors to New York City on temporary duty instead of having thirty students travel to locations around the country. Sandra Duerinck Regional Workforce Development Specialist who works in the Business Management Division of the North Atlantic Division. Debbie Smith is a Human Resources Specialist at the New York District. Their combined efforts greatly improved the Facilities Engineer certification metric for the New York District and North Atlantic Division. Their contributions and dedication bring great credit upon themselves and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.


6/25/12 - 7/06/12- Ms. Gail Woolley is a Hydraulic Engineer in Engineering Division Civil Resources Branch where she is achieving outstanding results as the lead design engineer for the New York District’s Ecosystem Restoration Program. She has been instrumental in the restoration efforts for the Jamaica Bay Marsh Islands resulting in the successful restoration of both Elders West Marsh Island and Yellow Bar Hassock. In addition, Ms. Woolley provides invaluable support to a host of other water resource efforts, most recently, the analysis and prediction of the Sea Level rise for the Hudson and Raritan Estuary in the New York Harbor. Ms. Woolley is recognized for her high motivation, knowledge, professionalism and commitment to excellence. Her dedication and team-oriented approach to her work brings great credit upon herself, the New York District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


6/11/12 - 6/22/12- Ms. Elaine Eubanks is a Budget Analyst within the Resource Management Office-Budget, Manpower & Management Branch. She works closely with many of the District's Divisions and offices while sending and receiving funds to and from other Corps and Department of Defense activities. Elaine is being recognized for her outstanding performance during the extended absence of key staff; she ensured continuity of Direct and Reimbursable funding documents during mid-year when numerous funding actions usually occur. As a result, documents were prioritized, processed timely and known issues were resolved without incidence. Elaine's knowledge, professionalism and willingness to assist are exemplary; she is a great credit to the Resource Management Office and the District.



5/28/12 - 6/08/12- Diana Kohtio is a Project Biologist in the Environmental Analysis Branch of Planning Division and is being recognized for her great efforts and excellence contributionss in the development of the Draft Hudson Raritan Ecosystem (HRE) Restoration Feasibility Study Report and finalizing the Comprehensive Restoration Plan (CRP). In that role it has been her responsibility to develop preliminary concept-level plans for all the identified restoration sites in the Comprehensive Restoration Plan (CRP), a number to date that exceeds 300 sites. Ms. Kohtio has also taken on the responsibility for advancing two of the main study goals of the HRE, to restore shellfish habitat and return migratory fish runs to streams that formerly supported them. In between these formidable tasks, she also finds the time to represent the District on the Long Island Sound Habitat Restoration Work Group, working hard to integrate their findings with the CRP to advance implementation of restoration opportunities in areas of overlap. Because of her dedication to principles of restoration, her hard work in advancing the implementation of a comprehensive master plan for the region, and her outstanding teamwork and collaboration within and outside the Corps, Diana Kohtio has earned the respect of her colleagues, reflect great credit on herself, the New York District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  


5/14/12 - 5/25/12-  Mrs. Patricia McDonnell serves as the Administrative advisor to Construction Division's Executive staff, where she functions as the liaison between the District's Executive office and Construction Division. She also performs a host of other duties. Mrs. McDonnell has been doing extraordinary work assisting in the recruiting process for placing personnel from the newly completed construction of the Washington Headquarters Service project, in concert with the Human Resources Office. She also oversees backfilling the positions in the Division for those who have been deployed overseas to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. She has done an exemplary job as the primary contact for Area and Resident Field Offices, particularly in the Human Resources selection process, by setting up interviews and providing follow-up. Mrs. McDonnell reviews, researches and investigates administrative matters and ensures actions are completed timely and accurately. Her performance reflects well upon herself as well as the reputation of the Construction Division, the New York District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  


4/30/12 - 5/11/12- Mr. Richard (Justin) Bator is a Civil Engineer and Engineering Technician working in the Project Programming and Management Division of the Fort Drum Office. Hired last year for his CAD expertise, it was immediately evident that his previous experience in designing and managing New York Department of Transportation projects was a perfect fit with the Corps' mission to develop an Infantry Squad Battle Course for Fort Drum, New York. Not only was he the lead developer of the design, he eventually became the de facto Project Manager, overseeing the development of the solicitation packet and its evaluation as a key member of the Project Delivery Team. His dedication and skill were instrumental in shaping the project as to mediate significant environmental concerns while optimizing the terrain features whereby maximizing training value to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division. Justin's creative approach and deep technical knowledge were key to bringing this project in at budget. His determination, adaptability and professionalism are a great credit to himself and the New York District.