Interagency and International Services (IIS) Program

What is IIS?

A program that provides reimbursable technical assistance to other Federal agencies, state, and local governments, private U.S. firms, international organizations, and foreign governments based on the authority of the "Economy in Government Act."

The New York District is assisting many non-DOD federal, state and local government agencies. These agencies are our Interagency and International Services (IIS) customers.

Using our engineering and construction expertise, we help to supplement these agencies' technical resources. Our inter-disciplinary capabilities as well as our ability to draw from our subject matter experts, laboratories, and other Corps districts across the nation allow us to provide a full range of support services to enable our IIS customers to meet their engineering and construction mission.

Forming partnerships with other agencies we complement management of their program, project, engineering, construction, real estate acquisition, and contracting and construction management functions. To accomplish these support services through our contracting authority we promote partnerships with the private sector whenever possible. These private sector partners include architects, engineers, construction and management professionals who we select competitively.

Click here to see New York District's civil works boundaries which includes most IIS work.

Some recent and current customers supported in the field of planning, engineering, and construction include:

  • Veterans Affairs
  • General Services Administration
  • National Park Service
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  • New York City Department of Transportation
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection
  • New York City Office of Emergency Management
  • International Joint Commission

For IIS Information:
Chief, Environmental, Interagency and International Services Branch: 917-790-8333

For more information on the IIS program including the services we provide, model agreements, and other information, please follow the link below: