Mission & Vision



Deliver quality projects and services, respond to emergencies, and support contingency operations in order to reduce risk from natural disasters and to support the security of our Nation.  

Key Tasks

Plan, design, construct, operate and maintain civil works projects

Plan, design and construct infrastructure for the military and others

Protect waterways and wetlands through the regulatory programs

Conduct environmental remediation and restoration

Respond to emergencies and contingency operations

Provide management, real estate services, administrative, legal, contracting and logistical support for District programs and projects

Customer Care

Our commitment to customer care in the New York District is to provide quality, responsive engineering services to the Nation in peace and war. Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, Caring--these values are our standards; we will accept no less. We strive to be the best public engineering agency in the world.

One of the New York District's unique strengths is its diversity. This diversity of talent spans age, ethnicity and gender, and brings a flexible yet experienced and fresh approach to designing innovative engineering solutions. In addition, we are linked to a network of districts and centers of expertise that enables us to meet any customer engineering requirement.

That is one of the advantages of bringing worldwide resources of the largest engineering agency in the world to your doorstep. Yet, just as important, no project is too small. The New York District has many centers of expertise it can draw upon that can be brought to bear on meeting our customers' needs.

Our Commitment

Our Project Management Business Process contains seven imperatives. It is a continuously evolving cultural model of values and behaviors that support the USACE strategic vision. The Corps follows these principles universally for all work.

Our Seven Imperatives

1. Manage all work with the Project Management Business Process, using the corporate automated information system
2. Plan for success and keep commitments
3. One Project, One Team, One Project Manager
4. The Project Delivery Team is responsible for project success
5. Measure quality with the client's ruler and practice federal stewardship
6. One Corps, operating regionally
7. Use best practices and seek continuous improvement