Biological Monitoring Program

An extensive Biological Monitoring Program was developed to assess the potential impact construction may have on the Sandy Hook to Barnegat regions aquatic habitat -- before, during, and after construction. The program created a final report detailing its findings.

***Final Report***

Final Report for The Army Corps of Engineers New York District's Biological Monitoring Program for the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey, Sea Bright to Manasquan Inlet, Beach Erosion Project.

The report describes results of during-construction (1997) and first- and second-year post-construction (1998, 1999, & 2000) studies as well as comparisons with the pre-construction
results (1994-1996). All report files are in .pdf format and can be read with Adobe Acrobat.  

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
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Chapter 2 - Intertidal and Nearshore Benthos
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Chapter 3 - Surf Zone and Nearshore Ichthyoplankton
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Chapter 4 - Potential Fish Food Items Present in Ichthyoplankton Samples and On Rock Groins
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Chapter 5 - Analysis of Beach Seine Data
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Chapter 6 - Food Habits of Surf Zone Fishes
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Chapter 7 - Turbidity and Suspended Sediment Characterizations
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Chapter 8 - Offshore Borrow Area Benthos
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Chapter 9 - Offshore Borrow Area Finish Collection
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Chapter 10 - Offshore Borrow Area Fish Food Habits
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Chapter 11 - Recreational Fishing Survey

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Questions relating to this report should be directed to:


Peter Weppler
Chief, Environmental Branch
Planning Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Telephone: 917-790-8634

This report should be referenced as follows:

Burlas, M., Ray. G. L. & Clarke, D. (2001).
"The New York District's Biological Monitoring Program for the
Atlantic Coast of New Jersey, Asbury Park to Manasquan Section
Beach Erosion Control Project. Final Report".
U.S. Army Engineer District, New York and U.S. Army Engineer
Research and Development Center, Waterways Experiment Station.

For more information please email the Project Manager.