Atlantic City Naval Air Station

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Center site is located in Ocean County, New Jersey, ten miles northwest of Atlantic City and covers over 5,000 acres. The facility is also home to the New Jersey Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing, the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Lab, and the United States Coast Guard Group Air Station, Atlantic City. Activities related to the FAA and National Guard led to soil, sediment and groundwater contamination. A Naval Air Station previously located there also contributed to it. Following short-term cleanups to protect human health and the environment, planning for the site’s long-term cleanup is ongoing.

The FAA Technical Center property was first developed during the 1930s, when it was established as the Atlantic City Watershed, the main water supply for the city. In 1936, the City dammed on-site streams to create the Upper and Lower Atlantic City Reservoirs. In the 1940s, the Atlantic City Municipal Airport and a U.S. Naval Air Station were established at the site. It was during this time that contamination was first introduced to the site by Navy and airport operations. In 1958, the Naval facility was transferred to the Airways and Modernization Board (AMB) and the installation was designated the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (NAFEC). In 1958, the FAA was established and took over the operation of the AMB, Including the NAFEC. FAA operations, especially during the 1960s and 1970s involved releases that also resulted in site contamination.

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