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Lake Montauk Harbor Feasibility Study

Lake Montauk Harbor is located on the south fork of eastern Long Island, Suffolk County, NY.  The harbor opens to the north into Block Island Sound through an inlet stabilized by two jetties.  There is an existing Federal project at Lake Montauk Harbor that provides for a channel 12 feet deep at MLW and 150 feet wide, extending about 0.7 miles from the 12 foot contour in Block Island Sound to the same depth in the yacht basin east of Star Island; a boat basin 10 feet deep, 400 feet wide, and 900 feet long, located northwest of Star Island; east and west jetties and; the addition of sport fishing facilities on top of both jetties. 

A Feasibility Study is underway in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Town of Easthampton to address the concerns about inadequate channel depths for the larger commercial fishing vessels and erosion effects in the vicinity of the inlet. The feasibility study is developing improvement plans to provide the most suitable solution for the study area problems. 

Preliminary plans of improvement for dual purpose storm damage reduction and navigation improvement combinations have been prepared for the study area, in coordination with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Town of Easthampton. No storm damage reduction plan has been able to be agreed upon with the Non-Federal sponsor, therefore the study is now only considering navigation improvement plans. Upon concurrence from the Non-Federal sponsor on the selected plan (one for navigation improvement only), a Draft Feasibility Report will be submitted for review and approval. 

Per 2017 coordination with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Town of Easthampton, the study is currently being closed out of the Sandy Program and transitioned back as a navigation only study. Coordination is currently underway to determine an updated schedule for completion of the navigation only study.

A Draft Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment is released and is available for public review. Comments will be accepted until August 25, 2019. Following the public review, completion of a final report will be subject to the availability of funds.

Lake Montauk Harbor Navigation Improvements Feasibility Study Main Report

Draft Environmental Assessment: Lake Montauk Harbor Navigation Project

Appendix A: Engineering and Design

Appendix B: Cost Engineering

Appendix C: Economics

Appendix D: Real Estate

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