CQM for Contractors Course

USACE New York District will be hosting the  Construction Quality Management for Contractors Course

Note: Due to COVID19 classes are tentatively scheduled to be held virtually.

1.  POC's: Patrick McKevitt (917) 790‐8514; (Construction Div).  Submit the following information via E‐Mail to (Patrick.c.mckevitt@USACE.ARMY.MIL):

Name and email address of each student; Name of Company; Name and location of project.

2. After sending the above information you should verify receipt by a follow‐up message or response.  SPACES MUST BE RESERVED. NO WALK‐INS!

3. Hardcopies of student study guides will no longer be provided. Only electronic copies for the course will be provided. And this will via email attachment. There will be no charge for the course. It will be your responsibility to print copy and bring it to class or stored information in laptop or Tablet for your use during class session.

4. Students are advised that a minimum score of 70 is required on the final exam to receive a certificate.

5. This course will be presented via Webex and may require the student to dial in for the audio.  The Pretest and Posttest will be taken via Google Classroom.  Each student will require a Google account (@gmail.com, corporate accounts hosted by Gmail do not work) and their own computer to participate in the class.


The dates for upcoming classes are as follows:

9-10 March 2022

24-25 May 2022

17-18 August 2022

15-16 November 2022