Sandy Hook to Barnegat Inlet - Project Area

Sandy Hook to Barnegat Inlet, NJ

Project Area Consists of Two Sections 


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Section I extends for 12 miles from Sea Bright to Ocean Township.  It is separated into four construction contracts.  Contracts 1A and 1B were completed in November 1995 and December 1996 respectively, extending from Sea Bright to Monmouth Beach.

Contract 2 was completed in September 1999, extending from the southern portion of Monmouth Beach into the city of Long Branch, to Lake Takanasee in south Long Branch.

The award of Contract 3 is subject to receipt of real estate (easements) from the non-federal sponsor.  This portion reaches from Long Branch to Deal Lake.

The first renourishment contract for Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach was awarded in August 2001.  Beachfill placement began in May 2002, eight years after initial construction began in 1994, indicating that the project is performing better than anticipated through the first renourishment cycle.  The beachfill was completed in November 2002.



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Section II reaches for 9 miles from Asbury Park south to the Manasquan Inlet.  It is divided into two contracts.  Contract 1 (the South Reach) was completed in August 1999, extending from Shark River Inlet south to the Manasquan Inlet.

Contract 2 (the North Reach) was completed in January 2001, extending from Asbury Park to the Shark River.

Construction of the first renourishment contract is currently unfunded and subject to the availability of funding.

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