National Environmental Policy Act

Final Environmental Assessment Effects of the NY/NJ Harbor Deepening Project on the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study of the Newark Bay Study Area (2007)

Finding of no Significant Impact (2007)


Final Environmental Assessment of New York and New Jersey 50 Foot Harbor Deepening Project

Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement for New York and New Jersey Harbor Navigation Study

 Environmental Assessment on Consolidated Implementation of the New York and New Jersey Harbor Deepening Project (2004) (3 MB)

Potential effects of blasting (KVK) on fish communities in NY/NJ Harbor Complex

Fish communities of the New York/New Jersey Harbor Complex and the potential effects of blasting in the Kill Van Kull Deepening Project (2004)

***Blast Monitoring Program for the New York and New Jersey Harbor Deepening Project***


All of the data produced by this project could not be included with this web based report. Some of the report figures cited in the text are absent as well as the technical appendixes listed in the table of contents. Data not included consists of Blast Location Figures, Drill Logs and Blast Reports, Raw Pressure Data, the complete set of Report Figures and Transducer Records. Questions regarding this report or requests for the complete data appendixes should be forwarded to Howard Ruben New York District USACE at