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Repairs to Dikes

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DESCRIPTION: The project consists of a channel, 14 feet deep, 100 feet wide, from deep water in the Hudson River to the Route 9W Highway Bridge 1.3 miles above the mouth, thence 12 feet deep, 100 feet wide to 3.5 miles above the mouth, with widening at bends. The project also includes two parallel channel dikes along the entrance channel to the creek approximately 350 feet apart and a branch dike extending northward from the downstream end of the north channel dike parallel to the flow of the Hudson River.

AUTHORIZATION:   The project was adopted in 1872 and modified in 1935 and 1965.

STATUS: During FY2016, the available $250,000 was used in part to perform a detailed structural condition assessment of the dikes. The remaining funds are being used to initiate required environmental coordination, and perform engineering and design work for preparation of a future contract plans and specifications package for any needed repairs.




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