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Federal Navigation Channel Maintenance of Infrastructure and Stewardship

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AUTHORIZATION: The East Rockaway Inlet Project was authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1930.   DESCRIPTION: The existing federal navigation project at East Rockaway Inlet provides for: A channel 12 feet deep (MLW), 250 feet wide, from a 12 foot depth contour in the Atlantic Ocean to a 12 foot depth contour in East Rockaway Inlet, New York.  This channel is about 0.9 miles long.   

COMMERCE: The five-year average annual commercial tonnage at East Rockaway Inlet is approximately 320,361 tons of petroleum products and construction products.  

STATUS:  In FY18, funding is required to evaluate an updated condition survey, publish a controlling depth report, and initiate Plans and Specifications for the next maintenance dredging in FY19. In FY17, approximately 270,000 CYS of sand were dredged and placed. A contract closeout is ongoing along with continued coordination with New York City Parks and Recreation, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and New York City Economic Development Corp who actively participated in the coordination of project sand placement along the Rockaways.   FUNDING: $7,000,000 was provided in FY17 to award a maintenance dredging contract which has resulted in approximately 270,000 CYS of sand placed on the eroded Atlantic Ocean Rockaway Beach shoreline.



Mr. Joseph Olha

Project Manager

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District

Phone: (917) 790-8404


26 Federal Plaza

New York, NY 10278  



Current as of February 2017