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Passaic River Basin Floodway Buy-Out Program

Passaic River Basin Flood Management
(Floodway Buy-out)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and our non-Federal sponsor, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection are pleased to announce the release of the final report for the Passaic River Floodway Buyout Study. Questions regarding the project should be directed to Rifat Salim, Project Manager.

Passaic River Basin Floodway Buyout Project Summary Fact Sheet

Passaic River Floodway Buyout Study Limited Update/ Final Report & Environmental Assessment

  • Main Report (2 MB)
  • Appendix A Real Estate Plan (729 KB)
  • Appendix B MCACES Cost Estimate (156 KB)
  • Appendix C Air Quality Analysis (53 KB)
  • Appendix D Pertinent Agency Correspondence (265 KB)
  • Appendix E Fish and Wildlife Coordination Report (9 MB)
  • Appendix F Mailing List, Draft Notice of Availability, Release Letter August 2005 (83 KB)