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Arthur Kill Deepening

Arthur Kill Channel Deepening

The Arthur Kill Channel deepening project is part of the overall New York & New Jersey Harbor Deepening $1.6 billion project to deepen certain Federal Navigation channels to 50 feet in order to allow the safe and economically efficient passage of the newest container ships serving the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The Arthur Kill Channel from west of the Bayonne Bridge,  north of Shooter's Island, and between the New York Container Terminal, Staten Island, N.Y. and Elizabeth, N.J. is being deepened to allow large ships to safely navigate to reach the New York Container Terminal  - a critical component in providing safe navigation access to the port and a significant component of the broader effort of the Army Corps' navigation channel deepening project crucial for modern-day container ships fully loaded to navigate safely.

The project provides for deepening the existing Arthur Kill Channel from its confluence with the Kill Van Kull Channel to the New York Container Terminal (NYCT) in Staten Island, New York, and to 40 feet MLW from the New York Container Terminal (NYCT) to the Conoco Phillips (Tosco) Oil Terminal and GATX facilities in New Jersey and New York.

Drilling and underwater blasting operations has occurred on the overall deepening project previously in the Kill Van Kull Channel, Newark Bay, and north of Shooters Island to break up hard rock.  In January 2013, drilling and  blasting operations were completed north of shooters Island.  In September 2011, the Army Corps completed the last major 50 foot deepening contract in the Kill Van Kull Channel.  To remove underlying bedrock on the floor of the Arthur Kill Channel, the S-AK-3 contract involves precision controlled underwater staggered detonations to fracture the rock so it can be dredged.   Drilling and underwater blasting commenced in July 2013 in the Arthur Kill Channel off of Elizabeth, New Jersey and the New York Container Terminal, Staten Island, New York.

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Arthur Kill Contract Area (S-AK-3)

Arthur Kill Channel S-AK-3 Contract

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Drilling and Blasting

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