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FACT SHEET - Regulatory Request System Permit Portal

Published June 6, 2024
The Regulatory Program has introduced a NEW national online application portal and management platform called the Regulatory Request System (RRS) to modernize its permitting process and meet user expectations by providing a straightforward transparent process for the submittal of permit requests.
System Information: RRS is a web-based platform currently in a beta version which provides general information on the Regulatory Program and allows the public to submit pre-application meeting requests, jurisdictional determination requests, and individual and general permit applications and other necessary information, saving time and reducing the need for paper-based submissions. Applicants will also be able to track the status of their projects using a user-friendly dashboard. Users will be required to create an account using LOGIN.GOV for online submittals and to receive status updates.

  • Provides users with current information that is presented in a clear and simple way and easy to follow instructions to help guide users through the regulatory process.
  • Removes the burden associated with the preparation and mailing of permit requests. It allows users to submit project information electronically and receive automatic project numbers and status updates.
  • It improves data entry and makes the permitting process more streamlined and efficient.
Next Steps: Further development and testing of the system will be performed, and feedback provided will be utilized to make RRS as user friendly as possible while still adhering to regulatory requirements. Users can ask questions and provide feedback using the following email: rrs@usace.army.mil. Additional capabilities, including joint permit applications, are scheduled for completion in December 2024.

RRS can be accessed at the following address: rrs.usace.army.mil/rrs
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Regulatory Program developing this new system?
USACE recognized the need to modernize its online public interface to keep pace with existing technology and provide a straightforward transparent process and timely review of permit and jurisdictional determination requests.

Why is RRS being rolled out in a beta version and in multiple phases?
Rolling out RRS in phases and utilizing a beta version, allows us to add capability while implementing fixes and making improvements based on user feedback. Feedback from users is needed to make RRS the best it can be and can be provided at rrs@usace.army.mil.

How does RRS benefit the applicant? How is this different?
It is intended to provide a one-stop shop for Regulatory permitting requests. RRS removes the burden associated with the preparation and mailing of paper applications. It reduces some of the effort associated with processing applications and data entry making the permitting process more streamlined and efficient. Additionally, RRS utilizes auto generated project numbers and contact information, which improves response times.

Does the Corps still accept paper applications for permits, jurisdictional determinations, and other required information through the mail or via email?
Yes. Applicants are still able to submit requests and supporting information by traditional mail or emailing electronic submittals to the appropriate regulatory office.

How will this affect the joint permit application process currently used in my state?
The ability to accept joint permit applications is planned as part of a future phase scheduled for December 2024. The Regulatory Program is currently assessing joint permit applications to identify unique data fields that will allow for generation of state forms. Districts with JPAs will continue to coordinate with their state counterparts and utilize existing processes until a state form is established in RRS. Applicants who submit a JPA will not need to submit a separate application through RRS.

Is mitigation bank and in-lieu fee program information, such as the availability of mitigation credits for projects, provided in RRS?
No, but RRS integration with the Regulatory In-lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System (RIBITS) is planned. Initially RRS will include mitigation bank and in-lieu fee names but not available credits.

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