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FACT SHEET-Shoal Harbor & Compton Creek, Belford, New Jersey

Published Feb. 1, 2018

DESCRIPTION: The navigation project consists of a channel 12 feet deep at Mean Low Water, extending from deep water in Sandy Hook Bay to the first bend in Compton Creek with a width of 150 feet in the bay and 75 feet inside the mouth of the creek, and thence 8 feet deep and 75 feet wide to a point 1,000 feet upstream from the Main Street Bridge, with widening at bends. Length is approximately 2 miles.


AUTHORIZATION: Shoal Harbor and Compton Creek Federal Navigation Project is authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1935 and modified in 1945 and 1954.


COMMERCE: Provides safe navigation in support of commercial and recreational marine interests, including the New York Waterways ferry service to Manhattan, NY at Belford, NJ.  Annual fish landings valued at $2-$3 million are reported by the Belford Seafood Coop in recent years.  Usage of this channel is 8,700 trips per year.


STATUS: During FY2015 maintenance dredging of approximately 150,000 cubic yards of sand dredged material was removed from the federal channel and placed in a local upland Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) placement site in Belford, NJ.


CONTACT:     Jonathan Pierson, Project Manager, (917) 790-8542


                        26 Federa1 Plaza, New York, NY 10278

                        New York, NY 10278   

                        District Area: NJ #6


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