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FACT SHEET-Westchester Creek, New York

Maintenance Dredging

Published Feb. 1, 2018

DESCRIPTION:  This asset provides for a Channel, 12 feet deep, 100 ft. wide, for a distance of 2,000 ft. at the entrance, thence 80 ft. wide for a distance of 3,000 ft. and thence 60 ft. wide for a distance of 8,800 ft. to the head of navigation at East Tremont Avenue (Fort Schuyler Road), with widening at bends.  Length – about 2.6 miles.   Three turning basins, 12 ft. deep, one near the head of navigation, one located about 500 ft. downstream, and one near Eastern Boulevard (Unionport) Bridge.   The 12 ft. channel was completed in 1933.  The work remaining to be done consists of dredging the 12 ft. turning basin 500 ft. downstream from the head of the project.  The uncompleted work is considered inactive.  

AUTHORIZATION:  The existing project was adopted in 1922 and modified in 1954.  Approved by the Rivers and Harbors Act, 3 September 1954.   

COMMERCE:  The creek is included in the Port of New York and supports marine transport of distillate fuel oil to several docks on the waterway.  The 2014 Waterborne commerce statistics indicate 69,000 tons of fuel oil was delivered by 104 vessels trips  

STATUS:  This project is in Caretaker status which includes monitoring of the Federal channel, producing a Controlling Depth Report, and coordination with stakeholders and users.  Preliminary engineering and design including basic environmental coordination will be performed to prepare for possible maintenance dredging, contingent on available project funding.  An upland disposal location needs to be coordinated with local sponsors.  

BACKGROUND: The project was last dredged in 1991 with the removal of approximately 105,684 cubic yards of sediment.  Local cooperation is required for future maintenance dredging.  The local interests shall furnish all lands, easements, rights-of-way and spoil disposal areas for the construction and maintenance of the channel.  Dredged material is unsuitable for ocean placement at the HARS.   Periodic surveys of the Federal channel are performed and Controlling Depth Reports are posted on our web page for public use (link below).    



Edward Wrocenski, Project Manager


26 Federal Plaza                       

New York, NY 10278                


District Area:  NY #7     



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