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FACT SHEET-Saugerties Harbor, New York

Maintenance Dredging

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published Jan. 18, 2022

DESCRIPTION: The project provides for a 0.8-mile-long navigation channel, 12 feet deep, 200 feet wide, in Esopus Creek from deep water in the Hudson River to the Steamboat Wharf at the Village of Saugerties.   

AUTHORIZATION: Adopted 1884 and 1902. 

STATUS: During FY 2016, maintenance dredging was performed in the navigation channel from the Hudson River to the U.S. Coast Guard Station at River Mile 0.4 to restore full access for U.S. Coast Guard vessels performing critical ice-breaking and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions for the high-use commercial deep-draft Hudson River Federal Navigation project.    The last condition survey of the project channel was completed in FY 2021. 

FY 2023 funds will be requested to award a fully funded maintenance dredging contract to remove shoals from within the project channel that adversely impact navigation; including E&D and S&A costs; to remove large obstructions from with the channel.

FUNDING: No work is scheduled on the project during FY 2022.  Estimated FY 2023 federal cost is $4,700,000.      


Devon Hinds
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