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FACT SHEET-Hudson River, NYC to Waterford, NY Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance Dredging – North Germantown Reach

Published Feb. 1, 2018

DESCRIPTION:  The project provided for a channel 600 feet wide, New York City to Kingston, thence 400 feet wide to 2,200 feet south of the Mall (Dunn) Bridge at Albany with turning basin at Albany and anchorages near Hudson and Stuyvesant, all with depths of 32 feet in soft material and 34 feet in rock; thence 27 feet deep and 400 feet wide, 900 feet south of the Mall (Dunn) Bridge; thence 14 feet deep and generally 400 feet wide to the Federal Lock at Troy; and thence 14 feet deep, 200 feet wide, to the southern limit of the State Barge Canal at Waterford; with widening at bends and widening in front of the cities of Troy and Albany to form harbors 12 feet deep.  Length – (NYC to Waterford) about 155 miles.  The project included removal of the State Dam at Troy and construction of a new lock and dam at Troy about 2.5 miles below Waterford.  The project construction is complete.


AUTHORIZATION:   Adopted 1910 to 1930, modified 1934, 1935, 1938 and 1954. 


STATUS: FY2018 funds are required to perform annual project condition hydrographic surveys and channel maintenance activities from Waterford, NY to Kingston, NY; complete environmental coordination and engineering and design work: and award a fully funded FY2018/2019 Hudson River Channel maintenance dredging contract to dredge approximately 200,000 cubic yards of sediment  material at three discontinuous locations (Hudson, Stockport and Castleton) within the federal project channel with upland placement in the federally owned Houghtaling Island Placement Site.


FY2019 funds are requested to perform Project Condition Surveys on the high commercial use Hudson River Federal Navigation channel to report channel conditions to the USCG, NOAA, Pilots Assn. and waterway users.  FY2019 funds will also be used to award a fully funded maintenance dredging contract to remove shoals from priority locations of the deep draft project channel that adversely impact navigation, including E&D and S&A costs; to remove large obstructions from a segment of the deep draft channel between Albany, N.Y and Hudson, N.Y. (approximately 30 miles) and shallow draft (14 feet deep) channel from Albany, N.Y. to Waterford, N.Y. (approximately 10 miles); and initiate sediment sampling and testing required to prepare an environmental assessment and obtain required environmental clearances for proposed FY2021 maintenance dredging contract.


ISSUES: Existing environmental restrictions require all in-water work to be completed between September 1st  and December 31st.


FUNDING:  Estimated federal cost $9,650,000.


CONTACT:   Robert D. Berrian, Project Engineer (518) 273-0870 


                      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, Albany Field Office

                      1 Bond Street

                      Troy, NY 12180  

                      CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS: NY-19 and NY-20



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