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FACT SHEET- Raritan and Sandy Hook Bay - Port Monmouth, N.J.

Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published Dec. 20, 2023

DESCRIPTION: The project involves the construction of about 7,070 feet of levees, 3,585 feet of floodwalls, 2,640 feet of dune, and beach renourishment at 10-year intervals along the Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Bay in Port Monmouth Middletown Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  The project provides protection to low-lying residential and commercial structures, built upon and near salt and freshwater marshes that are experiencing flooding caused by coastal storm inundation.  This problem has progressively worsened in recent years due to loss of protective beaches and increased urbanization in the area with structures susceptible to flooding from rainfall and coastal storm surges, erosion and wave attack, combined with restrictions to channel flow in the tidal creeks.  This area was devastated by Superstorm Sandy.

AUTHORIZATION:  The project is authorized for construction under Section 101 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2000.  The authorization provides for hurricane and storm damage reduction, in the Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Bay, Port Monmouth, New Jersey.

STATUS:  A feasibility report completed in June 2000 recommended Federal participation in a combined hurricane and storm damage reduction project for the community of Port Monmouth, New Jersey.  The Preconstruction, Engineering and Design (PED) Phase was initiated in May 2002.  A Hurricane Sandy Limited Reevaluation Report(HSLRR) approved December 2013.  A Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) between the US Army Corps of Engineers and NJ Department of Environmental Protection was executed in January 2014.  The dune, groin, pier extension and beach fill coastal features of the project has been completed.  Contract 3 that consisted of floodwall along Port Monmouth Road and the Road Closure Structure on Old Port Monmouth Road was awarded on 21 July 2016 and construction was completed 31 July 2019.  Contract 2 that consists of levee, floodwall, tide gate and pump station across Pews Creek was awarded on 15 November 2016 and was completed August 2020.  Contract 4a that consisted of utility upgrades and relocations necessary for future work along with the regrading of Rte 36 was awarded December 2019 and was completed in 2020.  Contract 5 that consists of levee, floodwall, pump station and road raising was awarded September 2022. The remaining contract designs and acquisition of real estate easements are underway.  Currently the project is estimated to be complete by 2026.



Mr. David Gentile

Project Manager

P: (917) 790-8483

Email: david.gentile@usace.army.mil

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District 

Programs and Project Management Division