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FACT SHEET-Lake Montauk Harbor Navigation Improvement Project, NY

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published Jan. 5, 2022
Updated: May 17, 2022

DESCRIPTION: Lake Montauk Harbor is located on the south fork of eastern Long Island, Suffolk County, NY. The harbor opens to the north into Block Island Sound through an inlet stabilized by two jetties. The existing Federal project at Lake Montauk Harbor provides for: a channel 12 feet deep at MLLW and 150 feet wide, extending about 0.7 miles from the 12 foot contour in Block Island Sound to the same depth in the yacht basin east of Star Island; a boat basin 10 feet deep, 400 feet wide, and 900 feet long, located northwest of Star Island; east and west jetties and; the addition of sport fishing facilities on top of both jetties. Local interests have expressed concerns about inadequate channel depths for the larger commercial fishing vessels and erosion effects in the vicinity of the inlet. The US Coast Guard has also had difficulties due to shoals in responding to emergencies from the station at Lake Montauk Harbor. Sediment transport phenomena, sand bypassing and sand management are issues to be addressed and must focus on both the inlet and adjacent shores. 

AUTHORIZATION: A study for Lake Montauk Harbor was authorized by a Senate Committee resolution adopted October 17, 1991 to determine if further improvements for navigation are advisable. Beneficial use of any dredged material for improvements to the environment would also be considered. Authority to include the investigation of storm damage reduction and shoreline protection was provided by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure adopted May 22, 2002.   

STATUS:   A Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement (FCSA) with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was signed in February 2003 for the dual purpose investigations of both storm risk management, as well as navigation improvements, at cost share of Federal 50% and Non-Federal 50%.   A FCSA Amendment was executed in March 2014 recognizing that the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, Public Law 113-2 would authorize 100% federal funding to complete the study if the study focused on storm risk management.   

However, per 2017 coordination with the NYS and Town of East Hampton, the study was transitioned back as a navigation only study, due to sponsor interest in the navigation improvement portion only. 

A draft feasibility report was completed on the navigation purpose and released for public review in July 2019.  A final report is now approved recommending that the recommended plan to deepen the channel and authorize a deposition basin be implemented under USACE's Continuing Authorities Program, Section 107.  That report was approved in February 2021, and the FONSI was signed in March 2021. A PPA is being developed between the Corps and the Town of East Hampton and is estimated to be executed by 30 June 2022. Construction of the deepening project is estimated to take place in the fall of 2023


Mr. Nathanial Wales 
Project Engineer
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Email: Nathanael.T.Wales@usace.army.mil
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
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