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FACT SHEET-North Shore of Long Island - Bayville, NY

Storm Damage Protection and Beach Erosion Control Study

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published March 5, 2021

DESCRIPTION: The Village of Bayville, with a population of approximately 6,700 middle-income permanent residents [based upon 2010 U.S. Census figures], being situated between two bodies of water [Oyster Bay and Long Island Sound], is a low-lying community subject to severe inland inundation. After inundation has occurred, the waters leave the community stranded for extended periods of time. Additionally, a number of small, single-family residences are severely damaged by wave attack and wave run up, destroying the existing seawalls, which were once thought to be adequate to prevent such damages. Several communities, especially the Village of Bayville in Nassau County, have incurred major losses due to flooding and coastal erosion.  After the onset of the December 1992 northeaster, Bayville had hundreds of residences and businesses flooded by high tides with water up to five feet over main floors for up to a week.  Bayville was also affected by Super Storm Sandy in 2012 which flooded the interior sections of the Village from both the Long Island Sound and Oyster Bay sides. 

AUTHORIZATION: The North Shore of Long Island, New York Bayville Study was authorized by a Resolution by the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, U.S. House of Representatives, adopted 13 May 1993. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [NYSDEC] is the Non-Federal Sponsor.  The Village of Bayville is the Local Sponsor.

STATUS: A Reconnaissance Report was completed in September 1995.  A Feasibility Cost-Sharing Agreement [FCSA] with NYSDEC was signed on March 21, 2001.  The 2001 FCSA study costs were estimated at $2,650,000 at a 50-50 cost share [Federal 50% and Non-Federal 50%]. Data collection activities including surveying and mapping, and the development of baseline information on coastal processes and related environmental resources were initiated. 

In Fiscal Year 2012, the New York District evaluated the economic benefits of structural and non-structural risk reduction plans, while coordinating with NYSDEC and the Village of Bayville to determine whether such plans are locally acceptable.  A FCSA Amendment was executed in September of 2013 recognizing that the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013, Public Law 113-2 authorizes 100% federal funding to complete the study.  In January of 2015, a draft plan was presented to the Village in a public information meeting. A draft Feasibility Report and draft EA was released for public, non-Federal sponsor, and other Federal agency  comment in February of 2016. Using the information from the report, the Village determined that it will not support the draft plan nor any plan that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could recommend. Following the Village’s determination, the study has been terminated and financial close-out is being completed. 



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