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DESCRIPTION: The installation and maintenance of fender booms at Putts Rock, Putts Leap, Narrows near Dresden, Pulpit Point, and Cedar Mountain.  Length – about 13.5 miles.  The existing project is about 77% complete, with a channel 12 feet deep at LLL and least width of 150 feet having been excavated throughout the entire length of the improvement, except at the Elbow, where the width is 110 feet.  Fender booms have been placed at the Elbow and opposite the Delaware and Hudson railroad trestle.  The uncompleted work is inactive. 

AUTHORIZATION:   Adopted River and Harbor Act of 1917.  

COMMERCE:  The channel connects the New York State Canal System to deep water in Lake Champlain and allows vessels to transit from the Atlantic Ocean to Canada.  The channel is primarily used by large recreational vessels, fishermen and tour boats.

STATUS:  Project caretaker funds are used to perform annual caretaker work, including project condition surveys, minor channel maintenance activities and inspection of fender booms. Maintenance dredging of the channel was last performed during FY 2002.



Robert D. Berrian, Project Engineer,

(518) 273-0870

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, Albany Field Office

1 Bond Street

Troy, NY 12180   

District Area: NY # 21 and VT At-Large


Current as of February 2018