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FACT SHEET-Hudson River Channel, NY (40 Ft.)

Maintenance Dredging

Published Feb. 1, 2018

AUTHORIZATION: Authorized by the Rivers and Harbors Acts of 1913 and subsequently modified by the Rivers and Harbors Acts of 1917 and 1937.


DESCRIPTION: The existing federal navigation project of New York and New Jersey maintains the following channels:

 A channel 45 feet deep (MLW), suitably widened at bends, from deep water in Upper New York Bay to West 40th Street, Manhattan, and thence 48 feet deep, 2,000 feet wide to 59th Street. This Channel is about 6 miles long.

A channel 40 feet deep for the full width of the river, extending from deep water in Upper New York Bay of Ellis Island to West 59th Street, Manhattan. This channel is about 6 miles long.  A channel 30 feet deep, 750 feet wide, along the Weehawken - Edgewater (NJ) waterfront. This channel is approximately five miles long.


COMMERCE: 13,679,000 tons of cargo is transported through this channel annually (2016 WCS). Serves the NYC Passenger Ship Terminal, from which 12 cruise lines serve over 887,000 passengers per year (P&O Ports). Cruise Industry contributes about $800 Million to NYS economy. Aircraft carrier and visiting foreign vessels periodically use the channel.


STATUS: Project is currently in caretaker status which includes monitoring of the Federal channel, producing a Controlling Depth Report, and coordination with stakeholders and users. Previously funds were used to prepare the Hudson River Channel and adjacent berthing areas for the return of the museum ship and regional operations center, USS Intrepid from its rehabilitation berth in Staten Island in accordance with 2008 Defense Appropriations Act. On October 2, 2008 this was accomplished.


CONTACT:      Edward Wrocenski, Project Manager, (917) 790-8636


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