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FACT SHEET - Byram River Basin, Greenwich, CT & Portchester, NY

Flood Risk Management

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published Jan. 19, 2023

DESCRIPTION: Flooding on the Byram River primarily affects the Town of Greenwich, just south of the constructed project of levees at Pemberwick.  A secondary damage area was identified to the north, on Bailiwick Bridge within the Town of Greenwich.  This bridge is small, with low clearance, and it consequently traps debris on the river course, effectively acting as a dam.  Its stone facing was stripped by raging floodwaters during the April 2007 storm.  There are also minor tidally induced flood damages at the lower end of the Byram River within the Village of Port Chester, Westchester County, New York.

AUTHORIZATION: The study was authorized by a Resolution of the House of Representatives, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Docket Number 2779, dated May 2, 2007. 

STATUS: Byram River is one of six river basins investigated in the Reconnaissance Report for Westchester County Streams, Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT (approved September 2008). Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement (FCSA) was executed on August 29, 2012 with the Town of Greenwich, the non-Federal partner for the study.  Public information meetings were held in Town of Greenwich, CT annually since start of the study. The initial flood risk management solutions’ activities including data gathering, surveys, and site visits were completed by the Non-Federal sponsor as part of the in-kind work.  They also performed stream surveys, flood marks survey, existing condition hydrology and hydraulics structure inventory and valuation for the economic analysis. The New York District has completed the alternatives analyses and developed the cost estimate and benefit to cost ratio for ten alternatives.  The Alternative 5a - removal and replacement of the Rt. 1 Bridges plan has the maximum net benefits and is the Recommended Plan.  A Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement was approved by HQUSACE.  The Chief's Report was approved on May 7, 2020. The project is authorized for construction in Section 401 WRDA 2020. The study is included in the Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriation Act (DRSAA) 2022 for $5,470,00 for Pre-construction Engineering & Design (PED) phase and $35,000,000 for construction phase. The next step is the execution of Design Agreement with the non-Federal sponsor.



Estimated Federal Cost                                                                                                            $1,500,000   

Estimated Non-Federal Cost                                                                                                   $1,500,000

                                                                                                                                    Total       $3,000,000


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