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FACT SHEET - Project Condition Surveys - New Jersey

Published Feb. 1, 2018

DESCRIPTION: This project consists of performing hydrographic surveys of completed and federally maintained Federal Navigation Projects within the boundaries of the New York District in order to publish their navigation condition for users of the channels. OTHER INFORMATION: Project Condition Survey program includes surveys of deep draft channels, coastal inlets and other federally maintained waterways.  The surveys insure timely information concerning changes in condition that effect safe vessel traffic.  These waterways are trafficked by thousands of tons of vessel traffic each year including commercial bulk carriers, naval vessels and vessels of the USCG.  The surveys are relied upon for channel maintenance planning purposes, pilots for navigational purposes, NOAA for chart updates and by USCG for buoy placement.  These surveys have a direct link to navigational safety, regional economics, environmental protection, Homeland Security and Law enforcement.


AUTHORIZATION:  Public Law 85-480, approved July, 2, 1958 authorizes the Chief of Engineers to publish information, including condition surveys, that may be of value to the general public.  


STATUS:  Surveys of approximately 31 federally maintained channels, reaches, inlets and anchorages within, approaching and surrounding New York Harbor are planned for Fiscal Year 2019.  Selection of which projects to survey and scheduling of surveys is based upon channel usage, shoaling rates and maintenance dredging schedules. 


PROJECT COST: Estimated annual federal cost is $1,850,000.


CONTACT:  Francis Postiglione, Project Manager, (201) 309-2331


                       Caven Point Marine Terminal

                       3 Chapel Avenue, Port Liberte’

                       Jersey City, N.J. 07305 


                       District Area: NJ #5-13



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