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Fire Island debris management fact sheet

Published Jan. 26, 2013

Project Type

Debris removal, reduction and disposal support mission to the Government of Suffolk County, New York, on Fire Island.


Debris management is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Support Function – 3, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers coordinates to provide public works and engineering-related support actions for disasters.  

Project Description

Removing an estimated 82,500 cubic yards of debris accumulated from homes, sand, concrete walkways, wood docks, etc., from the right of way and private property on Fire Island following Hurricane Sandy. Approximately 2,200 structures on Fire Island have damage, which represents 50% of the total number of structures on the island. Approximately 70 homes received major damage. The USACE contractor will have the responsibility of collecting, loading and hauling of all eligible debris (as defined by FEMA). To be eligible, removal of the debris must eliminate immediate threats to life, public health and safety or significant damage to improved property. Debris types and volumes will be carefully tracked for potential FEMA reimbursement. Debris is taken to temporary storage sites where it is sorted for recycling or transported to landfills. 

 Project Considerations

-Fire Island is a remote barrier island with very limited road access to include small boardwalks or sand pathways, and driving on the beach is required to access some of the communities. Residents and visitors access the island primarily by ferry. Entry from the east no longer exists due to a breach that occurred during the storm.

-Due to the lack of right of way, Fire Island is an extensive private property debris removal (PPDR) mission, which requires obtaining right of entry forms (submitted through New York State and Suffolk County) from residents in order to gain property entry.

-FEMA-USACE Debris teams will conduct inspections for each of the approximately 2,200 homes to complete PPDR assessments.

-Hauling debris on the beach will be restricted after March 15 due to the nesting season of the Piping Plover bird.


The $8,837,388 contract was awarded to DS3 Enterprises Inc. of Central Islip, N.Y on Jan. 25. This is a 100 percent small business disaster area “set aside” contract. This is part of the Federal government’s efforts to ensure qualified small businesses in the disaster area are given opportunities to obtain business from agencies executing missions.

Scheduled completion date

Estimated completion is the end of March. Goal is to get the community back up and running prior to the summer tourist season.

Jay Woods

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