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Army Corps Strategic Engagements on the Water Empowers Partnerships

USACE New York District
Published Oct. 4, 2018

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District strategically delivers innovative solutions and maintains a proactive partnership to identify and implement innovative solutions with goals of enhancing the environment.  The District routinely collaborates with other federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions on projects and programs of mutual interest.  Such a collaboration occurred on September 20th and October 4th when New York District hosted a Partner Harbor Inspection aboard the Army Corps vessel MV Hayward.  

The events were hosted by Col. Thomas Asbery, New York District's commander.  The September 20th inspection included senior leaders from Headquarters along with partners, stakeholders and members of the Army Corps Environmental Advisory Board.  The October 4th inspection included partner agencies from the federal, state, and city, Non-Government Organizations and academia.

The MV Hayward set sail early morning on both inspections for the day-long events and traveled in the Harbor Estuary down the New York Harbor along the port of New York and New Jersey where various projects and studies were discussed and the importance of sustainability. 

The New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary is a complex ecological system in the midst of a thriving metropolitan center which includes rivers, wetlands, coastline, and open waters spanning over 1,600 square miles across New York and New Jersey.

With partners seated on the bow, Col. Asbery made the introductory remarks as the Hayward traveled along the waterfront.

Partners took to the microphone and spoke about accomplishments, future partnering, restoration activities, and methods to continue to work collaboratively. Individual representatives from various agencies provided overviews about their respective missions, programs and studies. 

Corps representative spoke in detail about the District’s various civil works, operations, coastal and ecosystem restoration projects and studies, including sand placement to protect beaches, managing coastal storm risks and solutions for resilient coastlines.  

Points of interest included the South Shore Staten Island, Southern Long Island, Hudson River Habitat, Liberty State Park, Passaic-Hackensack Rivers-Newark Bay Superfund mission, Passaic Tidal, Passaic-Hackensack restoration, and Spring Creek.  

Entering Jamaica Bay, the focus turned to the beneficial use of dredged material, restoration of marsh islands, stabilization, and synergy for ecosystem restoration.

The Corps is a steward for natural resources, and ensures customers receive products and services that provide sustainable solutions that address short and long-term environmental considerations.

Attendees spoke about the collaboration leading to many successful projects to ensure environmental efforts meet the needs of the public.  Col. Asbery elaborated about the importance of the partnership and thanked partners and stakeholders for their continued support and participation.

Lisa Baron, project manager spoke about the Hudson Raritan Estuary and critical advancement of future restoration projects, and the comprehensive restoration plan, and restoration opportunities.