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Army Corps Making Major Renovations to Iconic Times Square Recruiting Station


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District
Published April 24, 2024

The Times Square Recruiting Station in New York City emblazoned with the American Flag.


Staff Sgt. Miguel Carino-Cruz works with a client at the Times Square Recruiting Station in Midtown Manhattan.


Real estate specialist David Woloski at the entrance of the Times Square Recruiting Station in New York City. Mr. Woloski is overseeing major upgrades to the iconic facility that was built nearly 80 years ago in 1946.


New insignias for the U.S. Armed Forces ⎼ Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines ⎼ on the outside of the Times Square Recruiting Station in New York City.

The Real Estate Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, is overseeing significant upgrades to the Times Square Recruiting Station in New York City ─ an iconic structure visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year and serving as a symbol of U.S. Armed Forces’ recruiting.

New York District Commander Col. Alexander Young stated: “Providing support to U.S. Military operations is an important part of our District’s mission. We want to ensure recruiters have top-notch facilities and the resources necessary to conduct operations vital to the security of our Nation.”

Real Estate Management

The improvements are being managed by Realty Specialist David Woloski who has been with the New York District for over a year and comes from an Army Headquarter DPW prior to joining the Corp of Engineers. Along with the guidance and supervision of the Real Estate Department’s Supervisory Realty Specialist Alicia Biggs, Real Estate Chief Helen Luke, and Deputy Director Allen Roos.

The Times Square Recruitment Station is one of the oldest recruiting stations in the U.S. built after World War II in 1946 ─ nearly 80 years ago. It was the Nation’s first one-stop Joint Armed Forces recruiting stations. All branches of the U.S. Military ─ Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines ─ are stationed at Times Square and are making significant efforts towards the recruitment mission.

Completed Work

Completed projects include:

► Roof Repair

► Interior Damage Repair   

► Interior painting

► Replacing/Duplicating US Military Insignias from the outside of the Booth

► New water heater was implemented and providing hot water during cold winters in New York City.

New state-of-the-art water fountain with a spout for water bottles eliminating the need to purchase bottled water.

Improvements have been noticeable to visitors. Recently, Gen. Laura J. Richardson of the United States Southern Command, upon entering the building, commented, “Is this a new facility?”

Planned Work

Projects in the planning stages include a new electronic billboard to support Services’ mission statements/visual capabilities, and a maintenance agreement to ensure all systems remain in good working order including; regular power washing and exterior cleaning, electrical, HVAC and fire-alarm servicing, roof inspections, and regular- and emergency service calls. Having these services in place will keep the station in good repair and reduce the need for major repairs.

The current electronic billboard is outdated; the goal is to be on par with the surrounding signage in Times Square. Real Estate Division, in conjunction with New York District Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Nicholas LoRusso and Lt. Col. Rhodes from the Army Corps’ North Atlantic Division in Brooklyn, want to ensure the signage accurately reflects the importance of the mission.


A security agreement, now being finalized, includes bullet-proof ballistic panels to withstand harsh impacts. (Hundreds of thousands of passersby encounter the station each day; special events, such as New Year’s Eve attract nearly a million people to see the ball drop to welcome in the new year ─ a New York tradition for over 100 years.)

History & Stature

While the Times Square station is just 670 sq. ft., it’s the busiest recruiting station in the United States. After 78 years and many upgrades, the station no longer resembles “the booth” it once was called. One of the most observable upgrades is the LED monitors on both sides of the station emblazoned with the American Flag enabling the structure to blend with the glitz of high-wattage marquees surrounding it. Over the years, the station has had a number of upgrades, spearheaded by the Real Estate Division. It’s one of 3,500 recruiting stations throughout the U.S.

Larger Mission

The Real Estate Division manages 200+ recruiting locations towards our mission in New York and New Jersey with a staff of Realty Specialists, Appraisers, and Fiscal and Audit Control Personnel working closely with Federal, State and Local Agencies. Real Estate also promotes the Federal Government’s interests in Environmental Protection of Real Property, land use planning, cost-effective evaluation, and action plans for project development in accordance with New York District goals.

In 2006, the Municipal Art Society of New York City ─ a nonprofit advocating smart urban design, city planning and landmark preservation ─ designated the structure as one of 30 buildings deemed worthy of landmark status. The station is synonymous with iconic celebrations such as the ending World War II, and sailors, airmen and Marines watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve.