FY 2023 Proposed Civil Works Budget

Projects and Studies in Vermont

Senate Members:                            House Member:
Patrick J. Leahy                                   Peter Welch   
Bernie Sanders                                                        

Project Business Line Prior Year
Carry-In Through FY21

Work Plan Allocation/Funding and/or Supplemental Funding


2023 Proposed Budget/Funding


GI - General Investigations
 Silver Jackets, Vermont Flood Risk Management  0 TBD  TBD
CG - Construction General
Aquatic Plant Control  Ecosystem Restoration 62,552 TBD TBD
Lake Champlain Invasive Species  Ecosystem Restoration    1,000,000  
Lake Champlain Wastewater  Ecosystem Restoration    2,000,000  
Lake Champlain Watershed, New York and Vermont  Ecosystem Restoration 3,449,315 2,000,000 TBD
O&M - Operations & Maintenance
Gordon's Landing  Navigation 370,679 TBD TBD
Inspection of Completed Works, VT Flood Risk Management 384,686 TBD TBD
Narrows of Lake Champlain  Navigation 51,324 TBD TBD



1. Sandy Funding including Carry-In and Provided in FY22.  These are projects or studies that have been identified as being eligible for federal funding through the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (Public Law 113-2, also commonly referred to as the Sandy Relief Bill) and the amount of carry-in funds existing associated with PL 113-2. 

2. Additional funding under Public Law 117-58 the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is designated with a * symbol