Niagara Falls - Buffalo Defense Nike Battery, Nike BU 34/35

The Niagara Falls - Buffalo Defense Nike Battery BU 34-35 consisted of a launch and a control area. From December 1955 to April 1956, the subject site was acquired by the United States for defense purposes by direct purchase.  Both the launch and control areas are in Erie County, New York; specifically the launch area is located on Willardshire Road, in the Town of Aurora,  New York and the control area is located off of Transit Road, in Orchard Park, New York. The properties related to this FUDS are located in Congressional District NY-26.

After acquisition by the United States, a surface-to-air missile launch and other ancillary buildings were constructed by the U.S. Army between December 1955 and January 1957.  The type of missile stored was the Nike Ajax Missile.  This installation was never subject to other-than Department of Defense (DoD) use and control during the period of DoD interest.   

The launch area is currently owned by a limited liability corporation (LLC). The only facility utilized (post-DoD) was the enlisted men's barracks and bachelor officers' quarters building. This building was converted into apartments.

The control area is currently owned by the Health Research, Inc., a public benefit Corporation of the State of New York.  Former Nike facilities that were rehabilitated for use were the mess hall, the garage, the administration building, the enlisted men's barracks and bachelor officers' quarters, two stand-by generator plants, two fire unit integration facility rooms (radar control buildings), and the water pump building. These facilities were used in the past for cancer research.  

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