Regulatory Public Notices


Construction and Marine Equipment Inc
Published Oct. 25, 2021
Expiration date: 11/25/2021
The applicant Construction and Marine Equipment Inc. is requesting the Department of the Army authorization, for the installation of a single 5-foot by 10-foot-diameter steel mooring buoy, a 30,000-lbs low-silhouette concrete anchor and associated hardware in Newark Bay. Please note that the subject buoy location for a commercial mooring is located in a federally designated vessel anchorage and fleeting area. In accordance with 33 USC 471, federal anchorage areas are designated for safe navigation usage by commercial maritime interests of the United States, such as the proposed action. Associated hardware includes but is not limited to 20-feet of 2.5-inch stud link chain, shackle(s), connecting links, swivel(s), and pendants. On scene water depth is 7-feet at Mean Low Water (MLW). A maximum of 5 (5) barges would be moored, where the barge configuration would be either abreast or astern. The combined configuration would not exceed 250-feet by 250-feet. The largest barge would not exceed 250-feet. The scope would be 20-feet. The watch circle would be 18-feet. The swing radius would be 550-feet.