Regulatory Public Notices


Published Nov. 6, 2023
Expiration date: 12/5/2023

The applicant, Weeks Marine, Inc., proposes to rehabilitate an existing pile supported pier, known as Pier C, and associated waterfront areas known as the eastern and southern marginal wharfs, including the hardstand area located along the waterfront. The total project permanent impacts following construction for the portion of the project, originally authorized by the Department of the Army in 2018, was 0.389-acres at the Eastern Marginal Wharf and 0.038-acres at the Southern Marginal Wharf. The proposed permanent impacts following project modifications would result in an additional net impact of 0.046-acres (removal of 0.030-acres of existing rubble and concrete debris followed by installation of 0.076-acres of riprap revetment) to tidal Waters of the United States as a result of the fill associated with the redesign of the Eastern Marginal Wharf revetment reinforcement. There is a net-zero impact to waters of the U.S. because of the proposed modification’s structural living shoreline replacing the dilapidated timber crib and vertical sheet pile wall.  Additionally, a large portion of Pier C will be daylighted.

APPLICANT:        Weeks Marine, Inc

                             4 Commerce Drive

                             Cranford, New Jersey 07016   

ACTIVITY:           Discharge fill into navigable waters of the United States to facilitate the
                             rehabilitation of an existing Pier C, and the associated and existing eastern,
                             southern, and hardstand marginal areas situated along the southern side of
                             Pier C.

WATERWAY:     Upper New York Harbor

LOCATION:         Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey.