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FIMP - Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been prepared to answer basic questions on the Interim Projects related to the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Reformulation Study

What Are Interim Projects?

Interim projects include several, smaller projects which are intended to address critical, potential storm damage areas along the length of the project area, which require immediate action, and may not be able to wait until the completion of the reformulation study.  The interim projects would provide limited storm damage protection along critical areas for the time period prior to the completion and implementation of the reformulation study.  These projects would be reversible, based upon the outcome of the reformulation study.

Why Interim Projects?

In 1993, the Corps of Engineers received requests from residents, local officials, Senators and Congressional representatives to evaluate whether it would be feasible to implement interim plans, prior to the completion of the reformulation study.  The New York District was tasked to evaluate what efforts could be undertaken prior to the completion of the reformulation study.

How Do Interim Projects Relate to the Reformulation Study?

Each of these interim projects is subject to modification, continuation or abandonment based upon the outcome of the reformulation study.  Each of the plans generally includes sand fill only.  If renourishment is not continued, the project areas will revert to their eroded condition within several years.

The reformulation analysis of alternatives assumes that the interim projects are not in place for the No Action alternative.  The exception is the Westhampton interim project.  The agreement with involved parties stipulates that the project area must be renourished for a period of 30 years.

What is the Breach Contingency Plan?

The breach contingency is an interim project, which established the procedure for the rapid closure of breaches.  Based upon our experience with the 1992 breach at little pikes inlet (which took 13 months to close), we established a plan, coordinated with the agencies, which calls for initiation of closure efforts within 72 hours of a breach occurring.

What is the Status of the Breach Contingency Plan?

The breach contingency plan was approved in 1996 and is available to be implemented, as needed.

What is the Westhampton Interim Project?

The Westhampton interim project is a modification of the existing 15-groin field to allow sand to transport more readily to the downdrift beaches.  In addition, this interim project includes beach renourishment to a configuration with dunes at elevation +15 ft, and a beach with a width of 90 ft at elevation +9.5 ft.

What is the Status of the Westhampton Interim Project?

Initial construction of the Westhampton Interim Project was completed in Dec 1997.  The first renourishment was completed in Mar 2001.  The second nourishment began in Oct 2004 and will be completed in Dec 2004.  In the intervening years, coastal and environmental monitoring of the project area is ongoing.

What is the Proposed Fire Island Interim Project?

The interim project proposed for Fire Island is a design similar to the plan constructed in Westhampton. It recommends fill to be placed in areas along the barrier island, which do not meet the design cross-section, and are susceptible to breaching and overwash during relatively frequent events.  Fill placement is included in Robert Moses, the developed areas of Fire Island, and in Smith Point Park.

What is Status of the Proposed Fire Island Interim Project?

A draft report and EIS was submitted for public review in Dec 1999.  Based on the comments received, the Corps has deferred all work on this interim project to focus on the reformulation study to adequately address the environmental concerns raised by the Department of Interior and the State of New York.

What is the Proposed West of Shinnecock Inlet Interim Project?

The West of Shinnecock Inlet Interim study addresses the 4000 ft area immediately west of Shinnecock Inlet, which is subject to severe erosion, and frequent emergency action by the Town, County, and State.  The plan for this area includes beachfill in a configuration similar to that for Westhampton and Fire Island.  Construction of this interim project will allow for inlet sand to be placed further downdrift to encourage sand bypassing.

What is the Status of the Proposed West of Shinnecock Inlet Interim Project?

Construction began in December 2004 and was completed in March 2005.

For more information please read the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Project Fact Sheet or email the Project Manager.