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Fire Island to Montauk Point Reformulation Study

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The 83 miles of shoreline along the south shore of Long Island, NY, between Fire Island Inlet and Montauk Point, has experienced serious erosion over the years, destroying resident homes. As a result of the 1938 hurricane, 45 lives were lost, 265 homes destroyed, eleven new inlets were formed, including the Shinnecock Inlet, and 20 square miles of the mainland were flooded. Under current conditions this would result in damages over $70,000,000.00.


Study Area               

The Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point study area generally extends from Fire Island Inlet easterly to Montauk Point along the Atlantic Coast of Suffolk County, spanning a distance of approximately 83 miles, comprising about 70 percent of the total ocean frontage of Long Island. Fire Island Inlet is located about 50 miles by water east of the Battery, New York City.

The study area considers reduction of storm damages to existing development along the shorelines of Great South Bay, Moriches Bay, and Shinnecock Bay, as well as existing development along the ocean coastline. As such, the study area encompasses the shorefront area, barrier islands, inlets, bay areas, mainland areas and suitable borrow areas, which could provide material for any beach restoration, along the south shore of Long Island from Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point.

In order to ensure that the study area thoroughly investigates the potential positive and negative impacts associated with project alternatives the study area includes existing development on the mainland up to Sunrise Highway and Montauk Highway and also considers the shorefront area, extending westward of Fire Island Inlet a distance of approximately 2 miles.

For more information please read the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Project Fact Sheet.


**Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Project**

Study Reports

The following links are to downloadable PDF's for the GRR, EIS and associated documents for the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Coastal Storm Risk Management Project.

I. Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Draft Hurricane Sandy General Reevaluation Report (HSGRR)


 Draft HSGRR Appendices

HSGRR Appendix A - Engineering Appendix
HSGRR Sub- Appendix A1 - Storm Surge Modeling and Stage-Frequency Relationships
HSGRR Sub-Appendix A2 - Storm Induced Beach Erosion Response Frequency Relationships
HSGRR Sub-Appendix A-3 - Tidal Inlet Investigations
HSGRR Sub-Appendix A-4 - Numerical Modeling of Breach Open at Old Inlet
HSGRR Appendix A1 - Plates Appendix
HSGRR Appendix B - Borrow Area Appendix
HSGRR Appendix C - Cost Appendix
HSGRR Appendix D - Benefits Appendix
HSGRR Appendix D1 - Recreation Benefits
HSGRR Appendix E - Plan Formulation Appendix
HSGRR Appendix F - Real Estate Plan
HSGRR Appendix G - Public Access Plan
HSGRR Appendix H - Land Use Appendix
HSGRR Appendix I - Monitoring Appendix
HSGRR Appendix J - OMRR&R Appendix
HSGRR Appendix K - Adaptive Management Plan
HSGRR Appendix L - Pertinent Correspondence

 II. Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)     


                                                           Draft EIS Appendices

Appendix A - Mapped New York State Freshwater Wetlands on the Barrier Islands and Mainland of the Study Area
Appendix B - Endangered Species Act Compliance
Appendix C - Lists of Wildlife Species Known or Likely to Occur in Study Area
Appendix D - Essential Fish Habitat
Appendix E - Programmatic Agreement
Appendix F - List of Districts on the Study Area Mainland and Components Determined to be Potentially Eligible for Listing on the NRHP
Appendix G - Coastal Zone Management and Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs
Appendix H - Background and Approach to Environmental Analysis
Appendix I - Merged Breach Response Protocols
Appendix J - Land and Development Management
Appendix K - FIMP Coastal Process Features
Appendix L - Borrow Area Reports and Project Plans
Appendix M - Draft Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Report
Appendix N - Emissions Estimates
Appendix O - Pertinent Correspondence
Appendix P - Environmental Compliance
Appendix Q - 404(b) Evaluation