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Do I Need A Permit? 

Generally, you need a permit if your project includes any work in, over or under wetlands or water, or if it affects the course, location or condition of a waterbody in a way that impacts its capacity for navigation, including: 

  • Dredging or disposing of dredged material, excavation, or fill.
  • Constructing piers, wharves, breakwaters, bulkheads, jetties, weirs, dolphins, revetments, groins, levees, dams, dikes, marinas, ramps, floats, utility lines, intake structures, and cable or pipeline crossings.
  • Transporting dredged material to dump it in ocean waters.​
  • Filling, grading or disturbing wetland soil during land clearing or development.
  • Relocating or culverting streams.
  • Placing riprap and road fills.

You should always obtain confirmation from the Corps to avoid a potential violation of federal law before conducting any discharge you believe is exempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact New York District Regulatory 
Eastern Permit Section: 917-790-8511
Western Permit Section: 917-790-8411
Upstate Permit Section: 518-266-6350

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New Jersey counties map breakdown 

Outside of NY-NJ

If your project is located outside of New York or New Jersey, it's regulated by another district.

Click here to search your project's address and find the correct district.