FIMP - Interim Work in Progress

The Corps in cooperation with federal, state and local agencies are currently conducting a reformulation study to evaluate several storm damage reduction plans for the area.  To protect vulnerable areas now, several interim projects are underway.  These projects will reduce the threat of storm damage until the results of the reformulation study are available and the results potentially implemented.

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Westhampton during initial construction
Westhampton during initial construction

Immediate Plans For Vulnerable Areas



Breach Contingency Plan

This plan provides an emergency response to close breaches rapidly.  A breach is an opening or gap that develops in a barrier island, allowing the ocean water and bay water to meet.  This plan is in effect throughout the barrier island portion of the project area, which is approximately 57 miles.  Under this plan, breach closure activities will be initiated within 72 hours of a breach.

Westhampton Breach
Breach at Westhampton, Long Island

Westhampton Interim Project

This project is protecting dunes in the Village of Westhampton area and effected mainland communities north of Moriches Bay.  Regular sand replenishment is taking place to prevent dune erosion.


Westhampton Interim

Westhampton Immediately Following Construction 


West Of Shinnecock Interim Project

This project will reduce the potential for breaching in the area immediately west of Shinnecock Inlet in the Town of Southampton.  A breach is an opening or gap in a barrier island.

West of Shinnecock Interim Study
 Shinnecock Inlet (looking west)

For more information please read the Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point Project Fact Sheet or email the Project Manager.